Laurence Rondoni

El Soba Is the project of an incubator of creative and cultural enterprises (CCE) which contribution to the mutation of their business model is intended to enhance innovative approaches within the context of the Egyptian cultural field and in particular, the Performing arts sector. El Soba is linked to an in-depth work that I started in 2016. The incubator was designed as a tool aiming at fostering the potential of culture to cut across other sectors thus, enhancing mutation of business model though the rise of innovative activities. El Soba has irrigated CCE’s projects in Egypt and this has fostered the raise of new economical approaches. Four years later, my work will be about observing the mutation process of these CCE today.
9 jusqu'à 28 Feb 2020
6 jusqu'à 28 Jun 2021
12 jusqu'à 18 Jun 2022
Collecting / Documenting
#creative and cultural enterprises, #performing arts

: Laurence RONDONI