Abdullah Tank Çelik

How do people shape the life around and being shaped by the existence of waterway - Le Bassin de La Villette to Pantin I explored the dwelling around the canal, during August people were performing different lifestyles which is caused by the existence of the waterway and its landscape. Hence, I see this as a co-design space where designers design something and people give feedback through their habits, performances, behaviours. During my stay around Pantin-Paris, I enjoyed the canal and the dwelling around it. Thus, rather than being a tourist, I mostly took the role of explorer and sometimes I tried to blend into the social life attempting to communicate in various ways. Bognar (1985) state that the designer that is going to develop something for locals, needs to find a way to blend in. Hence, Chaffin (1988) canoes the river of Isle Brevelle to understand the feeling of being a local and I ran, did workouts, sat around the cafes, talked with people, walked around the canal (a lot) and I believe I created some intimacy between me and the canal. I took photos around the canal and decided to use them on a site plan to express the canal with more details

26 Jul jusqu'à 26 Aug 2022
Exploring / Experimenting
#landscape design, #waterway, #co-design, #public space, #social life, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY, #1.6 ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION