The project is based on secondments – a period of one month or more – spent by the participants in the project - from a sending partner to a hosting partner. The objective is to strengthen research capacities through the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

A total of 276 secondments are planned throughout the 4 years of the project – they will be transdisciplinary – from the academic to the non-academic participants of the project and vice-versa as well as international – from 3rd Countries to Europe and vice-versa.

China, Cuba, Chile, Egypt an Morocco are the countries that will be involved – where the question of public spaces has very different meanings and is of different nature.

Around 100 researchers/staff members will be involved, coming from very different backgrounds and disciplines :

economy -- cultural and social entrepreneurship -- art -- architecture -- design -- urban planning -- cultural theory -- digital technologies -- law -- human rights -- social justice -- criminology -- history -- identities -- migration -- geography -- art-based research -- cultural politics -- cultural planning -- anthropology



5 main networking activities are planned throughout the project – to exchange knowledge between the participants and beyond the sole consortium.

A Summer Academy – London – June 2017 – a programme focusing on democratisation of access to creative professions in the arts across the economy for young people.

A Spring Academy – Valencia – March 2018 – with the main objective to design, reflect and share a common language on the role of culture and creativity in social and economic innovation processes and the construction of a new citizenship from the contributions of cultural agents and citizenship.

A Workshop – Istanbul/Izmir – November 2018 – to debate, exchange and share on the experiences run around the issues of experimentation and exploration.

A Summer School – Ljubljana – September 2019 – open to a larger audience on the question of placemaking and European narratives.

A Final Conference – France – November 2020 – to disseminate the results of the project.