Adela Cortijo

An aesthetic analysis of films and comics of female authorship as a sociological reflection on inequality and identity transition

This research aims to modify and update a more individual and traditional way of working in the way of approaching the Francophone studies of comic and film authors. The objective is to expand and make cross-sectional and diverse the different forms of approach to the object of study of my research thanks to a different methodology: starting from a more participatory or collective approach to knowledge and the diffusion of the social, political, thematic and aesthetic issues raised in the production of comic book authors and French-speaking filmmakers of Maghrebi origin or coming from the Arab world or from the diaspora. It creates a transdisciplinary work material with the support and collaboration of creators, artists, scholars from other fields -sociology, philosophy, economics- and non-academic associations or organizations that are involved or can from another perspective complement the look or vision of the problematic addressed in the works studied.

10 Aug jusqu'à 9 Sep 2018
24 Jul jusqu'à 25 Aug 2019
#aesthetic analysis, #films and comics, #female authorship, #sociological, #inequality, #identity transition, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS

: Adela Cortijo