Dolors Palau-Sampio

New media projects and narratives

The main object of this research secondment is to analyse the changeable environment of media, particularly digital projects aimed at quality and investigative journalism. This research has a holistic purpose: that is, it tries to link how the process of media transformation is influencing the current media role and its consequences, namely the media role as guarantor of democratic quality in a time of business model crisis and redefinition, when disinformation, clickbait and partisan practices, among others, are dramatically endangering the quality of media content. In contrast with mainstream media, some alternative projects have launched initiatives that face this transformation process from a responsible perspective, trying to invest in contents devoted to diversity and human rights concerns. The project that is carried out in the secondment in Paris has the aim to replicate the research undertaken in previous stays in Latin America in order to compare which logics and strategies have implemented digital media that is an alternative to mainstream.

17 Jul jusqu'à 16 Aug 2019
#media transformation, #democracy, #diversity, #human rights, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.1 HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW AS CULTURAL CHALLENGE

: Dolors Palau-Sampio