José Manuel Pavía Miralles

Apparently, we live in a fragmented world. We live in segregated neighbours. Our social groups are more and more narrowed focused. Our society seem to be composed of many small minorities, each of one with its own interests. We receive customized messages by social networks and we feed back our biases sharing conversations with homogenous fellows. Nevertheless, below this apparent disjointed landscape, some patterns are repeated over time, countries and societies. Those against the values of the European Union build narratives that, like fractals, repeat their regressive messages in different scales using different stories, different words and different examples, but all of them sharing the same subliminal messages. Their goal is to break the unity of our society by promoting the policy of divide and rule. The resurgence of totalitarian ideas together with a regression in democratic values is accompanied by similar (fractal) processes and is repeated in different countries within and outside the EU; such as Russia, Turkey, Hungary, France or Spain. So, starting from the observation that new technologies increasingly manage practical and critical aspects of our lives such as communication, in this secondment we collect data and explore similarities at different scales in the physical, conceptual and metaverse worlds.

5 Apr jusqu'à 4 May 2022
#urban space, #human landscapes, #fractals, #divide and rule, #data collection and analysis, #explore similarities, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION