Jose Rodolfo Hernandez-Carrion

Today’s economic challenges call for a new way of looking at the world. This secondment looks for providing a systems theory vision that let us to identify future economic scenarios from new perspectives. Meeting the future as a mix of art and technology with algorithms and digital forms. Turkish society also deals with the so-called digital platforms and algorithms of the neo-capitalism that is in process of creation in advanced societies. We focus on explore how the future can be expressed using artistic methods and digital processes, collecting pictures and images for improving an innovative organization, and develop thinking for an alternative algorithms’ version of the economy of the future.

29 Apr jusqu'à 28 May 2022
Collecting / Documenting
#algorithmic processing, #digital society, #platforms, #social making, #sharing economy, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS