This secondment focused on the role that place-based arts can play in bringing about positive change in social, political and environmental domains.

The objectives were to:     

[] share knowledge and experience of innovative approaches to arts in the public realm

[] investigate how place-based arts are embedded in urban regeneration policies and practices

[] explore the potential of place-based initiatives for shaping sustainable futures.

These overarching objectives will be pursued through two key activities:

First, a human-centred design methodology that had been earlier mobilised at ‘Reclaim Creativity! Arts in the Public Realm’ Summer Academy in London (21-27 June 2017) was interrogated as a tool for designing place-based arts initiatives.

Second, a case study of selected hybrid arts-ecological initiatives across Paris examined how temporary uses of space can help us reimagine ways of living and being in a city and shape a more sustainable urbanism of the future.

30 Jun jusqu'à 31 Jul 2017
Collecting / Documenting
#public realm, #urban space, #place-based art, #temporary uses, #human-centred design, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS

: Konrad Miciukiewicz