Lea Kukovičič

As a society we are in the loop of emptiness, repeating and repeating, being stuck and enforcing our control by doing everything by force because this is how we want it. This is for me, one of the possible definitions of patriarchy. In the research on patriarchy I will conduct in Istanbul I will look at patriarchy as a constructed reality, where everybody plays their own very well-known role, in a well-known script. On the socio-political level patriarchy is still very present, for my time in Istanbul, I will focus my research on individuals where, maybe, we can already sense the patriarchy as a ghost, but at the same time, the boys are still trapped in patriarchal leftovers.

8 Jan jusqu'à 8 Feb 2022
Collecting / Documenting
#dismantle, #patriarchy, #faster, #save, #men, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS

: Lea Kukovičič