Lefteris Heretakis

An in depth exploration of Design education in Poland. What do we need to improve, and should be preserved? An open dialogue between practitioners, professionals and educators. Interviews were conducted in Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdynia and Lodz. The focus was primarily on Art Schools, their curriculum, their challenges and their approach to the ever-changing contemporary challenges both in the public and in the private sector.

In order to achieve this, a workshop/open discussion was held to conclude the activities that brought together students, academics and professional designers. During this conversation, all participants came together to discuss and discover solutions to bridging the current gap in perception between the way design education is perceived, and the possibilities that can truly be unlocked pursuing this vocational path.

1 Jul jusqu'à 1 Aug 2018
Exploring / Experimenting
#education, #drawing, #fineart, #graphicdesign

: Lefteris Heretakis