Maja Burac Vuckovic

Evaluation can be defined as obtaining information on the design, implementation and results of different policies in order to improve their resource allocations, aims and/or existent regulations. In this context, focus is placed on the evaluation of public cultural policies (ECPP), a first approach to detailing how it is executed in France.

This study has a number of approaches:

What is the extent and importance of ECPP in different sectors of culture? Is ECPP understood in the same way in every sector? Do each of them give enough importance to ECPP? Is it connected to data collection? Are there any good practices worth considering to “export”?

How is ECPP designed on different governmental levels (EU, national and regional)?

The method used to explore this subject are interviews with people working in the public sector in the domain of culture, whose jobs also involve evaluation. Additionally, the study analysed documentation published by public organisations in charge of the evaluation of certain cultural policies.

2 Jul jusqu'à 1 Aug 2018
Collecting / Documenting
#public policy, #evaluation, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY

: Maja Barac Vuckovic