Marta ROIG

The aim of my research in Ljubljana was to know more about the preferences of assistants to artistic and cultural events in the city. With this research we wanted to know the cultural consumption habits of the citizens of Ljubljana and obtain patterns according to their age, educational level, income or occupation. The study is about identifying consumer profiles for different types of cultural events. So, to do this, we need to know more deeply the cultural panorama in the city. It is necessary to identify the cultural spaces and their specific characteristics. To reach our aim, we construct and launch a survey called 'Cultural Consumption Patterns in Ljubljana'. This survey is directed to the assistants of cultural events. The information obtained will allow us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the cultural offer of the city from a demand point of view and, moreover, will be useful for the design of cultural policies aimed at the promotion of art and culture in Ljubljana.

10 Apr jusqu'à 9 May 2017
#economy, #cultural practices and production, #consumer profiles

: Marta Roig Casanova