Noémie Eckert

Going Public: A research on exile narratives and democracy 

The research will investigate how the use of personal narratives and online public space can contribute to transform dominant understandings on exile and migration in contemporary European societies.

In a context of increasing situations of human displacement across the planet, the research aims to learn and create space of discussions among cultural practitioners on this issue.

This part of the study, alongside that in Izmir, is focused on contexts in Istanbul that connect the questions of social justice, migration, democracy and human rights, through the particular lens of migrant people and those seeking asylum in the city. The study will also connect back to points of departure that led many migrants to Izmir and Istanbul, and in particular, aspects of the context of the war in Syria and tracking pathways of forced migration.

6 jusqu'à 21 May 2018
#social justice, #migration, #democracy, #human rights

: Noémie ECKERT