Pedro J. Pérez

The research undertaken during this secondment were directly connected with the principal objective of the WP, that is, searching for new forms of knowledge. Indeed, the first objective of the secondment was to learn about the semantic web in general, and Wikidata in particular. The recent growth and development of the semantic web, opens the possibility to obtain information and data about cultural events, agents etc., and this could open new ways and channels to research and document cultural phenomena. The second objective of the secondment was to learn, live and experiment with one of the principal cultural events in Ljubljana: the Mladi Levi festival. In particular, during the week-long festival, the relevant interactions taking place on social networks such as Twitter were collected for future analysis.

20 jusqu'à 31 Aug 2018
13 jusqu'à 30 Jul 2018
Exploring / Experimenting
#semantic web, #wikidata, #social networks, #festivals, #twitter, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY

: Pedro J. Pérez