The purpose of this project was to thoroughly analyze infrastructure, design, projects and activities that aim to restore the absence of children in public spaces and the status of play in the urban space. Child and Play friendly city is the concept connected with the latest policy and reports concerning children in the city, where creating opportunities for unsupervised and unstructured play in the urban space play the crucial role. I am interested in research in the field of culture, education and infrastructure projects and the influence it has on independent mobility, physical activity, the amount of social interactions, the amount of time spent outside etc. This secondment gave me the opportunity to collect Spanish experiences in the field of play in the city as well as the whole context of child-friendly policies in different sectors (like infrastructure, education, culture and recreation). This is the main issue I want to focus on, as the one of the representatives invited to create new city strategy for 2020-2030. In Poland, the child friendly city policies are not recognised and represented on any level of cities strategies. My research in Valencia strives to improve new city strategy as well as my work in creating and developing innovative play and child friendly projects.

5 jusqu'à 16 Mar 2020
6 jusqu'à 28 Aug 2021
#child-friendly city, #public space, #play, #innovation, #new city strategies, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY