Ricard Ramon

My research seeks to develop and design a new way of work and research about the knowledge and learning based on art stimulations, especially in cities and museums. Design a methodology based in artistic practices, focused in Paris on fiction and poetical narratives, essay and poetical painting. Observe cities, people, their interconnections, etc. for learning about the cities and the historical heritage. Design a method of learning, based in Arts-Based Research.

This initial purpose has evolved into the development of a more ambitious project and has gone from the design of that method to the creation of a book, an essay. I have started writing this book during my stay in Paris and thanks to the initial work carried out. The book is entitled Art as knowledge and works on the initial idea of the artistic method as a way of building knowledge of the world. I have already developed the initial part in which the main ideas are exposed that will be extended and worked on in more depth in the rest of the chapters.

4 Aug jusqu'à 3 Sep 2022
#art stimulations, #artistic practice and production, #art-based research, #art as knowledge, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE

: Ricard Ramon