Vincenzo D'amico

I don't separate. Data collection on the awareness of children's rights in the delicate phase of parental separation and creation of a model to combat educational poverty, through the guarantee of the right to free, immediate, personalized, multidisciplinary information.

The concept of well-being is inextricably bound to the concept of knowledge and information, because without them, parents cannot exercise parental responsibility effectively, and children cannot learn their rights, in particular, at the delicate stage of separation of the couple.

Thiswork, divided into two parts, analyses, in the first section, the theoretical fundamentals and moral values of the clinical method of teaching with a particular focus on ‘learning by doing’. The second section presents a practical experience, with the implementation of this approach, aimed at protecting the individual vulnerability, by ensuring the right of free, immediate, and personalized information for couples with children/and in the separation phase.

The conclusions tend to identify good practice by using legal remedies together with notions from social sciences, in a cross-disciplinary context.

30 Jan jusqu'à 3 Mar 2021
#education, #interdisciplinarity, #learning by doing, #law in action, #separation

: Vincenzo D'amico