A Forum in the Making

14 October jusqu'à 11 December 2021

The trans-making project, in collaboration with the Cité internationale des arts, organise A Forum in the Making, a proposal to explore the question of art and research as levers for a European democratic renewal through the exhibition Europa Enterprise, which runs at the Cité internationale des arts until 11 December, and trans-making factory, a series of encounters on "Art and Democracy in a Biotic Society" which take place from 26 November to 3 December. 


trans-making factory | November 26 - December 11

The trans-making factory is a series of meetings around the theme: "Art and democracy in a biotic society". We will explore modes of action and research practices that stand at the intersection of art, culture and society.

These encounters and conversations also aim to broaden our perspectives and develop new ways of working, teaching and protecting creation, art and research.

Encounters | Art and democracy in a biotic community 

Shifting our model of social purpose
Cité internationale des arts│Friday 26 Novembre│19h

A conversation between the philosopher Renata Salecl and the psychoanalyst Geneviève Morel, two important analysts of our globalized societies, active in public life. 

Research, action and activism 
Place to be confirmed│Wednesday 1 December│19h

Starting with a visit of Europa Enterprise exhibition with the trans-making partners, we will open up the discussion and the work we will undertake on 2 and 3 December. 

Expending the scope of a citizen research practice
Cité internationale des arts│Thursday 2 December│16h

Francesca Cozzolino (anthropologist, EnsadLab), Sophie Krier (artist-researcher, EnsadLab) and Annick Jubénot (founder of the Lasotè Association, Fonds-Saint-Denis, Martinique) will discuss the co-construction of sensitive knowledge based on a research-creation survey on the agricultural practice of lasotè (Martinique).

Expending the cultural research objects
Cité internationale des arts│Friday 3 December│16h

A conversation with Laurence Allard, lecturer in communication sciences, teacher at the University of Lille in cultural studies, researcher at the IRCAV (Institut de Recherche sur le Cinéma et l'Audiovisuel) / Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Europa Enterprise | October 15 - December 11

Europa Enterprise exhibition is at Cité Internationale des arts, in Paris, until December 11. 

The future will remember us.


Inhuman chains of migrations, war and violence, extreme class differences, global rise of right-wing politics and religious fanaticism, catastrophic climate changes along with the current pandemic make the neoliberal world we live in. The old mechanisms of domination and social (re)production, such as colonial, capitalist and patriarchal, empowered by technological, scientific and (techno)cultural methods of political surveillance and territorial identification, have turned the world into a geopolitical warp-space riddled with ontological anxiety, planetary fear and a debilitating sense of never achieving enough

More information about the exhibition in here and Cité internationale des arts websites. 

Guided visites and conversations took place around Europa Enterprise.

An exchange on 22 October between Danijela Dugandžić, Jelena Petrović and the architect, editor and author Léopold Lambert about issues related to art and politics, architecture and violence, as well as to contemporary colonial and anti-colonial geopolitical reality.

A conversation, as a podcast, with Lala Raščić, Andreja Dugandžić, Émilie Villez, Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, Danijela Dugandžić and Jelena Petrović, that you can listen here.