Mathilde Vasseur

She holds a degree in philosophy (Sorbonne - Paris 4) and a master degree in communication (Institut Français de Presse - Paris 2). She joined the Relais Culture Europe team in January 2017. She is in charge of communication actions on all Relais Culture Europe activities and the deployment of new digital tools (collaborative platform ...). Before working at Relais Culture Europe, she held positions in the performing arts and music sector: communications manager for a contemporary circus venue (2008 to 2009) and then in charge of communication and production in a parisian concert venue (2010 to 2016).

The idea behind my research is to work on gentrification and its consequences for the development of those districts concerned and the daily lives of their inhabitants. And more particularly on the evolution of space for debate, exchange, cultural activities, of collaborative work and so on, in the...
My research is about the gentrification and its consequences on the development of the districts concerned and the everyday life of the inhabitants. My concern is about the access to housing, displacement of inhabitants but also on the evolutions of spaces of debates, exchanges, cultural actions,...