Martina Bofulin

Martina Bofulin received her BA in geography and sinology from Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. In 2011 she completed PhD in ethnic studies at the Faculty of social studies, University of Ljubljana. The topic of her dissertation is the migration from PR China to Slovenia. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of anthropology and ethnology of Faculty of Arts, University of Belgrade (project: Together Apart: Qingtianese transnational community in Belgrade) and at Global Collaboration Center, Osaka University (project: Families at work: Chinese migrants' family practices in Japan). Since 2014 she has been a research assistant at Slovenian migration Institute working on topics of Chinese mobility (migration, tourism) and immigration to Slovenia.Her fields of interests include Chinese migration, immigration to Slovenia, Chinese tourists, migration studies, ethnic studies, migrants and health care, transnational families. References: - BOFULIN, Martina. 2016. Daleč doma: Migracije iz Ljudske republike Kitajske v Slovenijo [Home away from home: migration from PR China to Slovenia]. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2016. - BOFULIN, Martina. 2016. Od domoljubov do izdajalcev: migracije, razvoj in izgradnja >>okrajev izseljencev<< v Ljudski republiki Kitajski [From patriots to traitors: migration, development and the construction of >>hometowns of Overseas Chinese<< in PR China]. Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva 55, 3/4, 78 - 86.