David Bole

Dr. Bole is a senior research fellow at the Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU. As a geographer his main research issues involve urban socioeconomic and spatial issues and also mobility and accessibility studies. He was a coordinator of the European project SYCULTour (development of less favoured rural areas) where new forms of participatory research were developed. Results of the project were awarded by the EU Heritage prize (Europa Nostra) with an honorary special mention of the Jury. He was also leading the national research project on land use changes in (sub)urban Slovenian settlements and on bilateral project (Slovenia-Serbia) concerning tourism. Currently he is working on national project addressing the spatial strategy of Slovenia, in particular strategies of polycentric development and morphology and functionality of the Slovene urban system. In the past he dealt with cultural industries and their influence on the urban development in Slovenia and is an author of many research articles regarding this topic. He is the main editor for urban geography at the international journal Acta Geographica Slovenica and various other publications.