Mojca M. Plesnicar

Dr. Plesnicar has degrees from the University of Ljubljana and from Oxford University. She is a research associate at the Institute of Criminology and assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana. Her main field of research is punishment and its many aspects. One of the focuses of her work is specifically on sentencing and the individual judge's decision to punish, including both legal frameworks and psychological traits of human decision-making. She also takes a broader stance towards the idea of punishment, the changes in punishment through history and specifically recent history. She is currently undertaking a post-doc funded by the Slovenian National Research Agency researching the changes to formal punishment in Slovenia after its independence. She is also professionally interested in prison research and the different concepts of rehabilitation and desistance, the role of gender in law and criminal law specifically, the role of language in conveying punishment etc. Dr. Plesnicar has published in national and international journals and books and regularly contributes to professional debates on issues of criminal justice, including professional workshops for judges, prosecutors and other professionals working in the legal field.