YĆ¼ksel Demir

Yuksel Demir

Studied Architecture in Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (1983-1987), got his master (1990) and PhD (2000) degrees from ITU Institute of Science & Technology Architectural Design Program. Practiced architecture (1987-1989). Worked as teaching assistant (1989-2002) and Assistant Prof. (2002-2012) in ITU Department of Architecture. Currently works as an Associate Professor in ITU Department of Architecture(2012-Present) and served as the head of the department of Fine Arts in ITU (2007-2016). Under his administration, the department opened elective art courses for all engineering students of ITU. He took part in the development process of the interdisciplinary first-year basic design studio in ITU department of Architecture (2000-2004). Demir worked in Politecnico Di Milano DIAP (now DASTU) as a guest professor (2010-2015) and was a visiting professor in Anadolu University, Department of Architecture (2009-2013), and Auburn University CADC (2016 Fall & 2017 Fall) He founded ITU Mardint Interdisciplinary Research and Development Center (2005). Assigned as advisor to the rector (2014-). Managed several urban and architectural design projects; including some university campuses within this institute. His works and interviews were published in several national and international publications; participated in several national and international scientific meetings, gave lectures in many national and international institutions, won national and international awards in architectural & urban design competitions. He continues to work in the fields of Architectural Design, Urban Design, Interior Design, Product Design, ICT in Design, and Art [theory & practice]. Currently is working for the establishment of Turkish Antarctic Research Base.