Tanja Radež

Tanja Radež, born in the city of steel Jesenice, chose design as her profession when she was fifteen years old. She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, Visual Communication program. Tanja and two of her fellow students founded the TANDAR studio in 1989, which is where her creative work took place for the next twelve years. She permanently supplemented the two dimensions of visual communication with a third one, arising on the basis of contents and concepts. They were particularly involved in design and space formation. Her creative studio work has a strong focus on culture, education and science these days and is dedicated to co-creating contemporary spaces and events. She has been the author of authentic notebook planners for 25 successive years now, whereas her everyday life is embedded with a unique sort of creative exploration that was eventually given the name OSTALGIAS, which in Tanja’s language embraces authorial research and the upgrade of whatever it is that we leave behind. She writes about this subject of her research and is on the constant search for new attributes she could attach to the existing objects and thus reshape them on the basis of collective memory by creating imaginary spaces and thus not only tracking down the visual remains of the recent history, but also reinterpreting them.

Urban ambience, which has its poetically, provocative and fairy-tale way to look for deleted stories and to bring them to life through a multilayered collage of narrative nature. A universal concept transferred to a local environment. In cooperation with local inhabitants in a new city – in my case...