Sylwia Stelmaszczuk

I'm a culture animator and psychologist. In Workshops of Culture I work in Departament of Education and Cultural Management. I'm a programme coordinator of the Night of Culture Festival one of the most inspiring and eye-opening Polish festivals held in Lublin every June. In my work I'm trying to create mental maps of the city in people consciousness and also to inspire people to discover the true face of the city by displaying artworks on streets, in alleys as well as forgotten and unknown places. Such initiatives awakes sensitivity to art and encourage the participants to take active part in city’s cultural life. I'm also interested in handcraft and run workshops mainly of crocheting.

Common space is an important part of human identity. In a common space, humans share values that encourage creative group efforts for the benefit of their community. Caring for the shared space triggers activities geared towards its protection, looking after its aesthetic appearance, and...