Deniz Tokmak

Deniz Tokmak is a Ph.D. candidate in Human Rights: Evolution, Protection, and Limits at the University of Palermo. Her research focuses on the political opposition in Turkey within the new  "presidential" government system. She holds two Master's degrees: one in public law from Çağ university, where her research focused on LGBTI+ rights in Turkey, and one in Human Rights and Multilevel Governance from the University of Padova, where she studied the criminalization of expression in Turkey. Her research interests include human rights law and constitutional law, with an emphasis on freedom of expression, government systems, and democratic decay.

Competitive authoritarian governments promote a uniformizing and conservative understanding of culture and art. These governments develop cultural policies to censor "others", as they usually call dissidents of their policies. In this study, I conducted a series of interviews during my secondment...