Piotr Zieniuk

Although breaching the "creative boundary" in my field of work is often inadvertent, I am more of a cultural manager and sociocultural animator than an artist. I have worked for cultural institutions and organisations for many years. Currently, I work for Kultura Enter Foundation and Workshops of Culture in Lublin.  I have coordinated a number of socio-cultural projects, including the Garden of Songs festival, Planet Lublin, the International Days of Documentary Cinema "The Crossroads of Europe", and The Jagiellonian Fair.  I was also a member of the Culture 2020 team responsible for preparing Lublin's final application for the 2016 European Capital of Culture competition. In addition to establishing and supervising Homocreatus.pl, an online gallery based on the idea that "Everyone is an artist",  I also organised "lampArt" - a series workshops on making upcycled lamps. I design and arrange art installations in public spaces.  

My research focuses on the culture and creative sector of Valencia, in particular by focusing on culture as a stimulator of creativity, innovation and development, including finding and analysing: the most important organizations / entities, people operating in this sector; implemented strategies,...