Created in 2006, CITEMA is a cultural association whose core activity focuses on handicrafts, supporting craftsmen through residencies and professional development, both locally and at European level.

CITEMA is also a place of practice and sharing of local knowledge and networks. It organises many activities and informal learning with the local population (workshops, debates, field trips, etc.). The craft sector indeed opens opportunities for economic and social inclusion for the disadvantage/ unemployed people leaving in the area, mostly young people. Since 2009, Citema has developed a creative cluster bringing together enterprises in the field of arts and crafts sector, aiming to stimulate the development of raftmen’s capacities and to enhance economic activities at the local level. The cluster resulted in Citema taking up a broader territorial involvement, developing partnerships with the local jobcentre and organising workshops and events with schools, elderly people, local architects, farmers, etc. Through its activities and cooperations, Citema aims to enhance life long learning for social innovation and inclusion.