El Taller TRES, an artistic factory, is a collaborative workshop space which origin takes place in the material and theoretical fields of the threedimensional creation. From the sculpture and installation to the architecture and design, it associates different cultural events closed to those arts, from different approaches.

El Taller TRES, firm founded in 2015 by the Chilean sculptor, designer and cultural director Andrés Galaz and the French artist and project manager Charlotte Perrin, born from a technical and strategic necessity of a concrete group of artists and professionals who, in a specific moment, saw the relation between particulars needs and collectives resolutions improved by a collaborative organization.

From the micro economic point of view, the natural relations between workers are a key marker in the moment of thinking about optimisation of resources. In our strategy, intermediaries became obsoletes: here, the worker is able to get the final result thanks to a direct network and the collective knowledge.

The empirical experience shows us that in specifics social inter-relations, which common needs and complementary issues, an atmosphere which makes easy the collaboration and free exchange of opportunities and knowledges creates a dynamic of synergy, increases all parts.

Today, sculptors, designers, architects and plastic artists find in El Taller TRES a permanent or temporary place where they can developed their own specific project, theoretical and technical experience, or just a place where feeling the inter-relation's potentiality and the effect in the diary life.

In this field, one of our strength is our way of working with a human scale, closed to low-tech, and the knowledge associated receptives to all of those arts. Our practise answers to an historic necessity of the three-dimensional arts: the trans-disciplinary.

Our team brings this reality as a workshop and reproduce it across differents projects which inter-connect with the other, promoting this dynamic of meeting and learning.