We are a municipal cultural institution of Lublin that was created through the division of the Centre for Culture in Lublin. Since 2009 we have been operating under the name of the Workshops of Culture (WoC), which determines the very goals we aim to achieve. On principle, our programming focuses on promoting the practice of "active culture". To do so, we intend to create a cultural offer that is tailored to individual recipients - to residents wishing to participate actively in the cultural life of the city and to broaden their knowledge at the same time. We keenly endorse and eagerly implement long-term development plans based on the sense of community shared by Lublin's cultural operators and recipients of culture alike, acting together and supporting each other. Liaising and networking with Polish and international partners, we become exposed to already established and highly efficient methods of cultural education, management, and animation. In addition, through extensive analysis of local needs we thoughtfully transplant and introduce the most reliable, sustainable, and fitting models to Lublin. Furthermore, we are committed to sharing our experience and expertise with other communities, both at home and abroad, in particular with Eastern Europe. Everyday application of modern technologies in cultural education and in promotion of cultural heritage constitutes the core of our mission. We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism, making sure that our activities are interactive, interdisciplinary, innovative, constantly evolving, and always partnership-centred.