Gender and LGBT diversity in cultural and artistic actions - Ricard Huerta

Workshop Ricard Huerta

The Relais Culture Europe welcomes on Wednesday, December 5th a workshop-exchange on the theme "Gender and LGBT diversity in cultural and artistic actions".

This workshop is proposed by Ricard Huerta, researcher and teacher in artistic education, University of Valencia. This workshop is a dialogue in which participants discuss the desirability of encouraging a conversation about LGBT gender and diversity issues. This activity is part of the trans-making project and raises the news of the artistic and cultural discourses that permeate the agendas of feminist and LGBT movements. The recent protest on November 24th in Paris against violence against women, the festival "Chéries-Chéris" held recently in Paris, or actions organised on the occasion of December 1st, may be scenarios conducive to debate. Renaud Chantraine, a PhD student in ethnology and a member of the LGBTQI Archives collective, participates in the debate. He is also working at Mucem on issues of memory, museum and exposure of the AIDS epidemic.

The museum's activities are presented by Ricard Huerta.

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