Spring Academy - Valencia (UVEG)

5 to 8 March 2018, -

Art, culture creativity for transforming societies

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Place: University of Valencia, Spain

Spring Academy has been organised in Valencia with the main objective to design, reflect and share a common language on the role of culture and creativity in social and economic innovation processes and the construction of a new citizenship from the contributions of cultural agents and citizenship.

3 days of lectures and debates were organised around 3 main topics :


Noise as a concept refers to the sound information flows that cross cacophonously. Noise and hurry flood us with the afterlife. Noise is the reverse of well-being, but at the same time statistical noise contains information not revealed by science but which can be deciphered, interpreted by art and culture. Noise is stridency and may be murmuring and cooing, detonation and cacophony, apparent chaos and hidden order. Noise is the badly resolved line between harmony and improvisation, reason and freedom, order and chance. How to integrate and distribute noise becomes a basic tool for transforming societies?


Places are not outside the subjects or communities but are social constructions of them. The place is the geographical or mental space full of meaning that gives sence to the commitment and social interaction. “The place”, in front of the “non-place,” is the arena of participation and its historical, geographical, landscape, symbolic and economic attributes constitute an ontological part of its possibilities and potentialities.

The place is the common space for collective construction, the natural scenario of cross-fertilization and collective construction. The management Places are not outside the subjects or the communities of the places determines the frontier of possibilities of social articulation and conditions the universe of shared dreams.


The diversity of voices is an essential requirement to approach the complexity of the relationships between individuals, communities and their symbolic production. The different voices make different weltansachausngs that expand the frontier of possibilities for interpreting a reality that is difficult for us to grasp. One of the functionalities inherent in artistic production is the production of new ways of looking at the world and questioning the status quo. Also listen to the messages and the perceptions of "the others", of those who are beyond, to enrich, adapt and transform our doubts and certainties. Being permeable to the voices of others is a moral imperative and an essential tool to transform.