# An iterative research process

Each method will serve in refining, nurturing, reinforcing, readapting, re-orientating the other methods.

# An art-based research methodology

In recent years, research has become a meaningful element amongst the work of many practitioners of art. We will assume that in the trans-making project, “artistic research” is an important part of the process.

# Field-based research with socially and democratically engaged practices

Skills- and knowledge-transfer activities will be based on either experiences carried out directly on the field or coming from a whole range of players active in socially- and democratically-engaged practices.

# Participatory approach

Throughout the project activities will focus on the participation and engagement of the public, for example, in field experiences, workshops, open debates…

# A wide variety of activities

The exchanges cover a spectrum of activities from skills and knowledge transfer, exploratory discussions and fact-finding around resources.