Dounia Benslimane

In what ways can civic education programs held by civil society organisations can contribute to social change? We will explore this question, conducting a comparative study of the cases of Morocco, France, Turkey and Slovenia”

Informal education is a process that aims at the emancipation of individuals and communities, as well as at social transformation. Jean-Pierre Nossent, a Belgian education specialist, said that informal (popular) education is "a cultural practice of resistance". In Morocco, my organization Racines has developed several programmes of popular education using art (theatre in public spaces, comics, video, music, documentary...) to promote values of citizenship, democracy, freedom, accountability, social justice, equity, etc. Through my research within the trans-making project, I wish to explore other approaches to informal education, especially, but not exclusively, those put forth by civil society organizations. My research will also aim to investigate the ways in which public institutions are involved, and how they support and contributed to the work of CSO. 

10 Aug to 10 Sep 2018, -
#civil society, #informal education, #community and individual emancipation, #citizenship, #democracy, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.2 INTERSECTORAL DIALOGUE AND (RE)CONNECTION

: Dounia Benslimane