Ignacio Ramos Gay

Animal ethics and environmental humanities as a means to reinforce modern democracy

The aim of this research stay is to explore the increasing role of animal ethics within contemporary French culture as a means to reinforce society’s democratic values. Framed by the methodological context of environmental humanities, Ignacio Ramos Gay intends to contact, visit and interview a number of both public and private organizations promoting animal welfare throughout cultural products. As a member of the Société Française de Zoosémiotique, he has been collaborating with several colleagues in the field of animal rights, namely the Fondation Droit Animal, whose work to promote a more respectful cohabitation with non-human others has been widely acknowledged. This research stay in Paris would contribute to the scrutiny of the interference between political and animal issues as well as the contribution of art to a modern and egalitarian interspecies democracy.

1 to 31 Aug 2019, -
30 Jun to 29 Jul 2021, -
#animal ethics, #democratic values, #environmental humanities, #animal welfare, #cultural practices and production, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #1.6 ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION

: Ignacio Ramos Gay