Ismael Baeza

The socio-economic-cultural realities of "El Taller Tres": creating a new indicator

This research pursues the creation of a new indicator of the socio-economic-cultural realities of "El Taller Tres". This is presented in a three-dimensional artistic form, an indicator/sculpture, that serves both statistical analysis and artistic expression. Recently we have been developing, together with other colleagues from the University of Valencia, a 4-dimensional indicator that can be visualized in a three-dimensional way through a simple numerical transformation. This indicator can be used to represent the socio-economic-cultural reality of a project/organization/society/region. As it is very difficult to visualize in an image and bearing in mind that this figure is quite artistic.

"El Taller Tres" has its origin in the material and theoretical field of three-dimensional manufacturing, as the description of the project says. These characteristics, together with being an objective cultural association of this study, make it the right partner to give "life" to this new indicator that could later be applied and represent realities of the rest of Trans-making associations.

23 Oct to 22 Nov 2018, -
Exploring / Experimenting
Santiago de Chile
#art-based research, #sculpture, #representation, #realities of structures, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION

: Ismael Baeza