Ivor Davies

The research seeks to situate itself in the heart of the ‘Trans-making’ partnership, by asking questions about the nature and potential of particular forms of ‘local-global’ action, as a powerful potential medium for trans-disciplinary social and cultural innovation. In a context of conflicting, and increasingly unresolved tensions about human rights and democracy, coexistence and mutual respect, this research seeks to explore and clarify some questions about the relative value and pitfalls of working across boundaries. In doing this, it recognises the inbuilt tension that identifying boundaries – even with a view to challenging or dismantling them – can carry its own degree of inbuilt prejudice. In other words, though our starting goal may be to transcend and overcome boundaries, there could be a strong – or even stronger – case to ignore them altogether: to start from an alternative ‘trans-boundary’* position)

10 Jun to 9 Jul 2018, -
Collecting / Documenting
#migration, #human rights, #public policy, #activism, #local/global, #trans-boundary

: Ivor Davies