Salma Elbasty

The following work presents the observation and research findings of a one month secondment in Valencia as part of the Transmaking program, funded by the European Union, by Salma Elbasty, an architect at CLUSTER Cairo. Through this work, she studies some of the street art in Valencia, and tests the notion of using street art as a tool to understand neighborhoods. She tests three neighborhoods in Valencia, each with a different identity, and measures the ability of their present street art to convey the same information about the neighborhood that is present through research on their current state.

14 May to 14 Jun 2022, -
Exploring / Experimenting
#street art, #public space, #neighbourhood, #visual, #identities, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS

: Salma Elbasty