Armina Pilav

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lives and works between Sarajevo, Venice and Delft. Currently is Marie Curie postdoctoral research fellow and teacher at TU Delft as part of the group ‘Methods and Analysis’ at the Faculty of Architecture. She is tutoring and co-teaching a non-academic and nomadic un-learning program called I-TEAM, organized by Relais Culture Europe (Paris), with locations in Mostar, Leipzig, Tunisia, Izmir and Paris. Armina is a member of the Association for Culture and Art Crvena in Sarajevo. Her research and practice is related to observing, visualizing, writing about and spatially rethinking wartime and postwar cities, employing visual media and architectonic materials. Armina relies on a collaborative and feminist working approach in shaping and reading of the city. Next to research, publishing and teaching activities, Armina develops visual works and co-seminars, individually and collectively, such as “State out of Order” – covert lecture and collective intervention by Crvena at the international conference ‘New Political Mythologies and Art’ within the “Mladi Levi” theater festival in Ljubljana (2016), participant at the XV Extraordinary Congress organized by artist Vlatka Horvat and related to the post-Yugoslav space collective memory and present socio-spatial imaginations of the same held in Frascati Theater in Amsterdam (2017). Armina exhibits her academic research and works crossing architecture and art practice at conferences, festivals and international exhibition such as Venice Bienalle of Architecture.