Secondment Questionnaires

This page is your ‘front door’, to review and report on all your Trans-making secondments. It is a vital aspect of the project, to collectively build a base for knowledge exchange. Here we can each collect and disseminate our secondment plans and reports. This is also a formal part of our accountability to the EU for funding the project.

Please create a new questionnaire for any secondments not yet listed below. You can then select any secondment to update or complete a questionnaire. There are 3 parts, and each corresponds to a stage of your secondment. It is important to complete all parts, in order to provide a complete picture of the progression of your secondment: planning, through your visit, potential outcomes.

And, for that reason, please do this whether you have already completed your secondment, it is under way or yet to start.


Saving and sending

We advise to save your work quite regularly, to reduce the risk of losing it. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’ and you will be taken back to this My Secondments page. Here you can choose to:

  • add to or edit your questionnaire (‘edit’)
  • leave it and return later (log out)
  • select it as ‘ready for sending’
  • save it as a pdf (Note: a pdf of the whole questionnaire, with those parts you have worked on completed)
  • print/copy the pdf to email your hosts (if you do not have an email address, your own organisation Contact can help)


Ethics requirements

Our project is based on ethically sound principles, and we are required, not only to follow these, but to provide evidence of this. At various stages the questionnaires will ask you to download from the library, complete and return, ethics forms or questionnaires. Please consider these as an essential element of your reporting.



We hope the questionnaires are reasonably clear but, to assist you further, strongly advise you, each time you work on them, to download our Guidance Notes from the Library, using the Library tab. We will keep these available, and update or improve them in the light of any feedback or comments.


Finally: thank you for your important contribution to the trans-making project!

The trans-making coordination team, Relais Culture Europe

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