Aleksandra ZIŃCZUK

The goal of my research is to write articles on how to tell stories of cultural change, on the differences in civic and political narratives related to the education of "difficult memory”. For example, dealing with the legacy of Italian fascism and Mussolini's dictatorship. Non-material cultural heritage manifests itself in the sphere of culture, educational activities and representation of history and art, which I want to compare with observation (study press, books, visiting local galleries, organizations, museums, participating in open cultural events). I would like to find some questions in solving the problem of policy of memory of representation of difficult history, past, experience such as ethnic cleansings, post-war traumatic experience and creating the open society to integrate migrants from all the world. Questions of my research are dedicated to different narrations, reconciliation, find the opposite point of view than what Fukuyama has already announced as the end of history. The Eastern European world is now faced again with this history because of the Russian aggression on Ukraine.

6 May jusqu'à 7 Jun 2022
Exploring / Experimenting
#memory, #history, #propaganda, #narratives, #fascism, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION

: Aleksandra ZIŃCZUK