Taking a feminist approach, the principal objective of this research is to collect information about the way in which a cultural centre performs within the institution, and in their interaction with their environment. Specific objectives are:

[1]- To study the interactions between people who work in cultural management.

[2]- To study the interactions between a cultural centre and the territory where it is situated.

[3]- To study the interactions between the city where a cultural centre is placed and its local heritage.

[4]- To compare the heritage of different European cities.

3 main studies are conducted named: CLUES OF BUNKER'S SUCCESS which is a case study of Bunker's team. OVERLAPPING MAPS which is a study of the expanding territoriality of Bunker's team from Tabor into other neighbourhoods. LOCAL HERITAGE which is a study of local heritage using art-based research, trying to visualise not only the most important or visited places of Ljubljana, but also the cultural initiatives taking place in public parks, festivals, exhibitions, museums, street installations...

28 Jul jusqu'à 29 Aug 2017
#art architecture design craft, #art-based research, #cultural politics and planning, #cultural and social entrepreneurship, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS