Andrés Galaz

How do we occupy the space? What gestures, what movements, what interactions between our body and space, our body and furniture, our body and objects? How does the layout of a space guide our steps and movements? How does the furniture in place induce a choreography of bodies and uses? And beyond that, what sensations, what feelings in this close relationship of the body to space, of my body with others? How can the space invite conversation? What devices should be put in place to encourage exchanges, provoke encounters, welcome, inform? This mobility within the Relais Culture Europe is an opportunity to experience the relationship between the body and space. That of the body that makes in an ephemeral workshop, that of the body that creates in volume from an illustration, that of the body that experiments, that plays, that exchanges, that discovers. The development in a public space with wooden modules manufactured according to a modular, easily movable, prefabricated, foldable, economical and reusable construction system was the opportunity to create an ephemeral space from a defined place. For the duration of an event, the modules put in place made it possible to welcome visitors and invite them to converse, relax, exchange, express themselves and play. The time of an event was an opportunity to measure how the choices of design and space planning impact the choreography of the bodies moving through it, the possibility of encounters and experiences to be lived.

16 jusqu'à 26 Aug 2019
2 jusqu'à 11 Sep 2019
Exploring / Experimenting
#fieldwork, #creation, #new narratives, #low tech, #architecture, #in situ, #creativespace, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.6 ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION

: Andrés GALAZ