Anna Tagliabue

The aim of my research is to trace the recent history of the creation of the Slovenian nation-state and to see the different dimensions of border practices within the city or on its perimeter. In a second moment, I decided to focus on the so-called Pot spominov in tovarištva ( Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship, 32 kilometers). The path is located where the Italian occupation once erected a barbed wire fence to prevent the population of Ljubljana from leaving the city. Today it is not a tourist site. It is a place of memory, but also a place of everyday life. The population has transformed what was once a border into a place where you can run, listen to music, read, to rest, meeting with friends. The aim of my project is to walk along the path to remember the Italian occupation and to observe the transformation of this border. I used the method of autoethnography to reflect on my experience and impressions.

28 Aug jusqu'à 12 Sep 2022
15 jusqu'à 30 Sep 2022
Collecting / Documenting
#borders, #transformation, #walking as a method, #occupation, #autoethnography, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS, #2.4 RETHINKING/ENGAGING WITH HYPER MOBILITY

: Anna Tagliabue