Anna Tagliabue

Anna Tagliabue is currently a Ph.D. Student in "Human rights: evolution, protection, and limits" at Università Degli Studi di Palermo, Italy.

Her research interests include migrations, Critical Border Studies, theories of citizenship, categorization processes, intersectional theories, and the relation(s) between crisis and democracy. 

Her current research intends to unveil and study the mechanisms behind the construction of airport transit zones as a border. It will focus on the Italian and French realities, often (made) invisible and at the margins of public debate and mass media attention. It is through her volunteering activities in the airport transit zone (waiting areas) in France, that she realized the necessity of starting from reality and observing concrete places and people who have experienced it.

The aim of my research is to trace the recent history of the creation of the Slovenian nation-state and to see the different dimensions of border practices within the city or on its perimeter. In a second moment, I decided to focus on the so-called Pot spominov in tovarištva ( Trail of Remembrance...
My research intends to observe the airport transit zones to analyze, deconstruct and rethink borders by articulating three aspects—first, borders as administrative, political, social, and racial constructions. Second, borders as a complex system of classification of 'travellers', as an instrument...