Barbara Bizilj

My research within the “Transmaking” project emphasizes the importance of the library as a public space and “third space”. Public libraries are by far not only institutions that acquire, process and store material and make it available to users, but also social spaces that connect people of different mindsets, cultures and interests. They are among the public cultural and educational institutions of local importance, which are intended for everyone under the same conditions. The importance of library spaces for users is multifaceted and mainly depends on the needs of users and the local community. Public and university libraries are institutions of lifelong learning, which, in addition to basic activities, must offer and provide users with a feeling of homeliness, warmth, security and shelter. Above all, they must be a constant in the lives of the people who visit them. "Third spaces" are informal spaces that enable people to meet, socialize and connect, make new friendships and social and social interactions, well-being and build social capital.

30 Jun jusqu'à 30 Jul 2019
Exploring / Experimenting
#public space, #public library, #third space, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE

: Barbara Bizilj