Cristina Pardo García

The aim of the project carried out in CITEMA was to analyse the different handcraft activities conducted by craftsmen in Tuscany. The goal was to acquire information directly from the agents involved in the creative process, in order to identify successful strategies they have implemented so far and study the effect of CITEMA in the development of their activity. We prepared a questionnaire to conduct a semi-structured interview in person, with the craftsmen contacted about their activity. We discussed their use of the Internet, their relationship to their culture, their use of public space to showcase their activity, the support they received from CITEMA to develop their activity, as well as the satisfaction they felt for their jobs. The next step of the project will be to analyse the data obtained, in order to find similarities and differences between the different craftsmen’s testimonies.

10 Aug jusqu'à 9 Sep 2018
Exploring / Experimenting
#handcraft activity, #craft, #creative process, #success strategies