Haris Sahačić

Quintessential Radio Talks

In the frame of the second part of his mobility at ZRC-SAZU, Haris Sahačić has:

1. Established a network of contacts within the academic community in Ljubljana: a list of relevant partners who work in science and state intuitions

2. Prepared questions for interviews and artistic conceptualisation of the final performance. More than 10 hours of high resolution audio interviews in Slovenian language have been recorded. Relevant literature has been read. Best extracts were selected and dramaturgically conceptualised. General project matrix setup for 24 hour radio programme "Quintessence" was created. 24 hours of relaxing sound composition was prepared to be mixed with field recordings of sounds of nature that have been recorded. Online questionnaire for public survey was created and published on the homepage. First HD video recordings of nature sights in spring and summer, primitive and modern infrastructures of social life in Ljubljana were recorded. Serial of graphic glitches and designs was generated but not selected.

3. Established the technical production environment for the realisation of the research. Audio-visual set for making quality recordings has been set; pure-data patch for generators of relaxing sound compositions has been developed. Cycling patch for generating visual glitches and algorithmic sound compositions has been constructed and tested. List of individuals and institutions worldwide that already work in the field of noise, environmental sounds, insects, nature, wireless communications, radio and neurology was created along with a system for monitoring any news on their part. An online survey was created and uploaded online.


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Radio Talks

23 Mar jusqu'à 23 Jun 2018
Exploring / Experimenting
#ether, #signal transmission, #algorithmic processing, #noise