Haris Sahačić

Sound Archive of Quintessential Anthropology

An archive consisting of 1440 folders was created and filled with audio content. Each folder represents one year of the period between the years 580 and 2020. Every year/folder will consist of one minute sound/miniature composition that will represent sounds introduced to the public space in a specific time period. 10 hours of interviews with a variety of professionals and academics were transcribed, analyzed, edited and prepared for the 24 hours radio program. Poetry that artistically illustrates abstract scientific conclusions is written and placed in strategic places in the radio program. Soundscapes of winter in Ljubljana were recorded. Abstract graphic designs were generated, in order to be merge with sound/miniature compositions, to visually illustrate most important questions or data outputs related to the research. News feeds related to contemporary innovations related to WIFI were processed and translated. An online survey was additionally promoted.

1 Oct jusqu'à 31 Dec 2018
Exploring / Experimenting
#art architecture design craft, #art-based research, #algorithmic processing, #digital and media, #ether, #technological noise, #sound archive