Iwona Kornet

An exploration of actions and artistic creation that involve and use public spaces 

This research is focused on the topic of art in public space in London. Through art-based research, I explore participation in art and the place of communities in the process of art-making. I aim to explore actions and artistic creation that involve and use public spaces, different kind of art activities widely understood from visual to performative arts. The main areas of my interests concern mainly collaborative art practices: forms of artistic narrations in public space, ways of this artistic expression, kinds of places used by artists and how these places are involved to actions. Participation and peoples' reactions in this form of artistic creation is another interesting issue to research.

The main questions are: what are the forms and ways of presenting art in public space? What kind of public spaces are involved in arts activities? How do artists involve public space in their activity? What is the reception of artistic works in public places (interactions, reactions, perception)?

1 jusqu'à 30 Nov 2018
#public space, #street art, #artistic practice and production, #art-based research, #place making, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE

: Iwona Kornet